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  • building materials, construction materials, fagus wood, flooring products, lumber, oak wood, solid wood coatings, timber, walnut wood, wood and wooden products, wood coating, wood coatings, wood flooring, wood veneer, wooden coatings, wooden deck coatings, wooden fence coatings, wooden floor coatings, wooden products, wood veneer, natural wood veneer, beech veneer, american walnut veneer, walnut veneer, ash veneer, red oak veneer, oak veneer, pine veneer, veneer, american red oak veneer
    Akyüz Wood Veneer is one of the best wooden veneer manufacturers in Duzce which has operated since 1958 in this industry. Company operates in 3250 m2 closed, 3000 m2 opened area.
    Telephone: +0 380 514 12 94 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Tevfik Demir Sk., No: 18, Düzce, Turkey
  • door, doors, steel doors, steel door, laminate veneer doors, laminate coated steel doors, wood veneer steel doors, alpine coated steel doors, panel doors, panel door, custom manufacturing doors, custom manufacturing steel doors, custom manufacturing steel panel doors, steel panel doors, fire exit doors, fire exit door, steel panel door, steel panel doors, double color steel doors, rustic doors, luxury steel doors, steel door luxury, pvc embossed doors, pvc embossed steel doors, natural wood veneer doors, porte, parta
    The company guarantees the customer satisfaction by maintaining customer relationship with "ISO 10002 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" standard. Having the honour and
    Telephone: +90 242 424 83 27 Address: Org. San. Yolu, Odabaşı Köyü, 9681 Sk. No: 11, Döşemaltı, Antalya, Turkey
  • door, doors, wooden door, wooden doors, lacquer door, lacquer doors, cupboard cover, cupboard covers, veneer door, veneer doors, door accessory, door accessories, lacquer baseboard, lacquer baseboards, veneer baseboard, veneer baseboards, kitchen cupboard cover, kitchen cupboard covers, decorative lath, decorative lathes, wooden cupboard cover, wooden cupboard covers, wooden door accessory, wooden door accessories, wooden baseboard, wooden baseboards, WPC DOOR, WPC FRAME, COMPOSITE DOOR, COMPOSITE FRAME, WOODEN COMPASITE DOOR, WOODEN COMPOSITE FRAME, KITCHEN, KITCHEN DOOR, KITCHEN MODULES, BATROOM CABINET, KITCHEN CABINET, WARDROBE, CLOTHROOM, CLOTHROOM CABINET, PVC DOOR, MEBRANE DOOR, PVC FRAME
    As Ferra Door we supply and manufacture door, doors, wooden door, wooden doors, lacquer door, lacquer doors, baseboard, baseboards, cover, covers, cupboard cover, cupboard covers,
    Telephone: +90 5303490029 Address: Kemalpaşa OSB Mah. 37. Sk. No: 7, Kemalpaşa, İzmir, Türkiye
  • natural wood veneer products, artificial wood veneer products, sidebands, glued wood edge bands, wood glue edge bands, wood edge bands, edge bands, wood veneer products, veneer products, forest products, forestry products, mdf, veneer edge bands, chipboards, natural wood veneer product, artificial wood veneer product, sideband, glued wood edge band, wood glue edge band, wood edge band, edge band, wood veneer product, veneer product, forest product, forestry product, veneer edge band, chipboard
    Daloğlu family about a century textile and construction sites in the Turkish economic Daloğlu After contribute to the life of forest products since 1992 with the establishment of
    Telephone: +90 216 394 84 80 Address: İ.D.O.S.B Kazlıçeşme Cad. 1.Yol, H2 Parsel, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • forestry products, forest products, lumber, timber, deckings, decks, fencing, siding, trim, moulding, plywood, mdf, mdflam, osb, hardwood, furring strip, softwood, hardwood, treated lumber, untreated lumber, dimensional lumber, industrial grade lumber, panels, wood panels, wooden panels, wooden boards, engineered woods, sawn timber, processed timber, melamine tfl, hardwood plywod, veneer plywood, logs, wood products, laminate flooring, particle board, melamine faced chipboard, chipboard, melamin
    We manufacture and supply forestry products, forest products, lumber, timber, deckings, decks, fencing, siding, trim, moulding, plywood, mdf, mdflam, osb, hardwood, furring strip,
    Telephone: +90 264 812 15 69 Address: Alandere Mahallesi, ŞAhinbey Sokak, No:20/A, Kocaali, Sakarya, Turkey
  • veneer, wooden products, afrormosia veneer, ash veneer, aningre veneer, anzem veneer, bamboo veneer, beech veneer, beli veneer, bubinga veneer, ebony veneer, elm veneer, eucalyptus veneer, frake veneer, hickory veneer, kosipo veneer, maple veneer, padouk veneer, pine veneer, red oak veneer, santos veneer, sapelli veneer, teak veneer, wenge veneer, zebrano veneer, lumber, afrormosia lumber, akajou lumber, ash lumber, ayous lumber, beech lumber, chestnut lumber, ebony lumber, kosipo lumber, okoume
    Eurowood veneer and timber industry is one of the pioneers of wood veneer serving you valuable customers since 1991.. We are located on a total 26.000 m2 state of the art
    Telephone: +90 380 551 22 93 Address: D 100 Karayolu Üzeri, Gümüşpınar Mevkii, No: 280, Düzce, Turkey
  • classical walnut door, classic oak door, classic puffball door, handcrafted copper, accessories, classical walnut door, film coating door, luxurious case lacquer door, luxury case laminate, elite rustic panel, laminoks panel, oak door, mahogany door, veneer case, veneer special case, steel door, steel doors, doors, security doors, fire doors, fire rated doors, exit doors, entry doors, entrance doors, exterior doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors
    Sundoor has a corporate history of 10 years before branding process is started. Branding and institutionalization could be completed in2006. It is our honor and happiness such
    Telephone: +90 352 321 35 17 Address: Organize San. Bölgesi, 15. Cad. No:1, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
  • wooden products, wooden product, wood products, wood products, plywood, plywoods, plywood products, door, doors, moulding, mouldings, door stile, door stiles, pvc door, pvc doors, wooden doors, wooden door, american panel door, american panel doors, foil door, foil doors, mdf door, mdf doors, lagging, veneer, timber cover, timber covers, mdf, hardboard, fiberboard, laminate flooring, high gloss panel, acrylic panel, plywood, massive panel, coated mdf, door panel, timber, forestry, wooden home, d
    We are manufacture and supply; wooden products, wooden product, wood products, wood products, plywood, plywoods, plywood products, door, doors, moulding, mouldings, door stile,
    Telephone: 90 366 314 88 64 Address: Karşıyaka Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 237 Tosya/Kastamonu/ turkey
  • acrylic, hg panel, high gloss panel, interior door, kitchen, laminate flooring, melamine faced chipboard, melamine faced mdf, mfc, osb, plywood, print, raw chipboard, raw mdf, timber, veneer, veneered door, worktop
    Export all kinds of forestry products (mdf, chipboard, laminate flooring, print, plywood, osb, worktop, door, kitchen cabinet door) veneer and timber...
    Telephone: +902126702898 Address: Ikitelli OSB Keresteciler Sitesi 11.Blok No:7/9/11 34490 Basaksehir/ISTANBUL/TURKEY
  • bathroom cabinet, cupboard, furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors, kitchen furniture, melamine furniture, metal doors, office furniture, seel doors, veneer door, wooden doors
    mutafak melamine cabinet doors steel door wood veneer door bathroom cabinet, furniture manufacturing design
    Telephone: 02627770004 Address: Barış Mah.1803 sokak no:7 Gebze Kocaeli
  • building materials, door, doors, embossed steel door, entrance doors, rustic doors, wood veneer doors, wooden coated doors, wooden doors
    Our company HAN DIZAYN was established in 2008 to operate in the wood sector. HAN DIZAYN continues to work at a monthly production capacity of 5,000 doors with 5.000 m2 closed,
    Telephone: +90 216 591 02 18 Address: Deri Org. Yan. San. Bölgesi, YL 11 Orhanlı, İstanbul, Turkey
  • accesoires, acoustic panel, aluminium frame, bathroom cabinet, bathroom vanity, cabinet, countertop, door, doors, exterior door, furniture, hospital bedhead, hospital cabinet, hospital counter, hospital door, hospital furniture, hospital wardrobe, interior door, kitchen, kitchen cabinet, lacquered door, laminate countertop, laminate door, natural veneer door, office furniture, panel door, pvc door, table, vanity, veneer door, wardrobe, wpc door, wpc frame
    As Muhendisler Ahsap we manufacture and supply wood products, wooden products, doors, wooden doors, wood doors, kitchen cabinets, wood kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen cabinets,
    Telephone: +90 212 670 38 89 - 99 Address: Hürriyet Bul. No: 1-2, Deparko San. Sit., Kat: 6 No: 13/14, İkitelli O.S.B. Mh., Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • marble, travertine, onyx, stone veneer tiles, tiles, mosaic sheets, thresholds, saddles, granite, caesar stone, sezer stone, cim stone, limestone, dolomite
    OSKAR STONE is a natural stone provider, working with natural stone products from Turkey, Iran, India, China, Europe, etc.... From our warehouse located at Atasehir - Istanbul, we
    Telephone: +90 216 471 00 30 Address: Ferhatpasa Mahallesi 49. Sokak No:45 Atasehir Istanbul TURKEY
  • stairs, ladders, lemon, vertebrate, rotary, iron, iron stairs, wall-bracket, sheet, metal, lagging, concrete, lagging on concrete, profile, wood, veneer, wodd stairs, roof, roof ladder, steel, stell stairs, fire, fire stairs, glass, apartment
    Keep pace with the evolving era of metal, Visual and professional satisfaction as its decision since the ladder used in their efforts to search for 8-9 years. Investments in R
    Telephone: +90 2163654895 Address: Tepeüstü mah. Alemdağ Cad. Yenilik Sk. No: 12/A - 15 - UMRANIYE / ISTANBUL TURKEY
  • deck flooring, door laminate, laminated mdf, laminated wood parquet, mdf, osb, plywood, solid wood flooring, solid wood parquet, wood and wooden products, wood coatings, wood parquet, wood products, wood veneer, wooden deck, wooden door panels, wooden flooring, wooden parquet, wooden parquet flooring, wooden products, writing boards
    Our company operates in the sector of forest products and has increased its product portfolio to highest level with Turkey's and wolrd's leading brands. We also provide contract
    Telephone: +90 212 670 45 46  Address: Ikitelli O. S. B., Deparko Sitesi, No: 1/27, Basaksehir, Istanbul
  • wood, wood veneer, engineered wood veneer, timber
    Telephone: (90)(380) 523 26 16 Address: CUMHURIYET MAH.DOĞU SOKAK NO:42 DÜZCE
  • stone veneer, natural paving, stone, tile natural, veneer panels, pavingnn sandstone, natural stonen stone, sandstone paving, natural veneer, natural floor, slabs, thin stone, manufactured stone, paving, stacked stone, stone facade, veneer siding, veneer exterior, stone tile, marble tile, sandstone slabs, veneer, granite tile, tile, slabs natural, stone siding, stone panels, stone cladding, stone floor, veneer interior, slate tile, stone facing, rock veneer, granite, natural pavers, sandstone patio, veneer wall, real veneer, tiles, stone wall, slate stone, veneer fireplace, stone exterior, sandstone, outdoor stone, slate wall, sandstone tiles, cladding, panels exterior, stone homes, natural wall, slate, real stone, marble, facade house, rock siding, marble stone, natural granite, granite stone, stone bathroom, sandstone raj, natural bathroom, Natural Stones, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Onyx, Flooring, Floor Tiles, Marble Tiles, Travertine Tiles, Granite Tiles, Marble Blocks, Marble Slabs, Travertine Slabs, Travertine Blocks, Granite Tiles, Travertine Tiles, Wall Tiles, Natural Stones Granite, Natural Stones Tile, Natural Paving Stones
    Telephone: 90.384 242 92 20 Address: Aksaray Yolu 13. Km Nevşehir/TÜRKİYE
  • construction timber, deck flooring, furniture accessories, laminated wood parquet, lumber, solid wood parquet, timber, wood and wooden products, wood coatings, wood parquet, wood veneer, wooden deck, wooden flooring, wooden furniture accessories, wooden parquet, wooden parquet flooring, wooden products
    Starting its business life in Istanbul in 2010, DILEM IC VE DIS TICARET LTD. STI. operates in wood and wooden products industry. Manufacturing also furniture accessories, company
    Telephone: +90 212 670 32 47-48 Address: Ikitelli Keresteciler Sitesi, 7. Blok, No: 26, Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey
  • wood veneer, forest products, wood veneers, forest product
    Telephone: 3303663 Address: 6235 SK. NO:10 KARŞIYAKA / İZMİR
  • hospitality furniture, tables, chairs, restaurant furniture, tables, chairs, gallery, outdoor furniture, aluminium, rattan, teak, umbrellas, hotel rooms, im suite hotel rooms, educational furniture, early learning, classroom furniture, university furniture, library furniture, teacher desks, office, administration, multi-purpose furniture, canteen, cafeteria furniture, seating options, office furniture, seating solutions, desks, workstations, econo workstations, conference, training, storage, reception, waiting, interior doors, fire rated doors, solid wood doors, doors with mouldings, veneer skin doors, pvc skin doors, flat doors, grooved doors, kitchens, interior, contemporary kitchen designs, classic kitchen designs, coil coating service
    Telephone: 4573383 Address: AKÇAY CAD. NO:144/1 EGE SERBEST BÖLGESİ GAZİEMİR / İZMİR
  • wood and wooden products, wooden buildings, timber, bungalow construction, lumber, wooden flooring, wood parquet, laminated wood parquet, solid wood parquet, solid wood flooring, wooden deck, wooden panel, solid wood panels, deck flooring, wood veneer, wood coatings, wooden products, wood products, wooden parquet, wooden parquet flooring
    Having been established in Rize, KACKAR ORMAN URUNLERI operates in wood and wooden products industry. Manufacturing high quality products and having wide range of products in
    Telephone: +90 464 217 17 09 Address: Gulbahar Mahallesi, Ataturk Cd., No: 665, Merkez, Rize, Turkey
  • wood veneer, wood veneers, engineered veneer, engineered veneers
    Telephone: (90)(380) 523 61 49 Address: D-100 KARAYOLU ÜZERI NO 102 MERKEZ
  • wooden panelling, wainscot, veneer
  • natural veneer, veneer
    Telephone: 90 266 281 10 80 Address: ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 4. CAD. NO:4balıkesir- turkey
  • logs, wood, veneer, natural veneer products
    Telephone: (90)(266) 281 11 90 Address: ORGANİZE SAN.BÖL.4.CAD.NO:4 BALIKESİR
  • pvc edge Banding, pvc edgebanding, high gloss edgebanding, melamine edge banding, veneer edge banding, adhesives, straight edge adhesives, curved edge adhesives
    Telephone: (224) 3636412 Address: DUAÇINARI MAH. 8.ÇINAR SOKAK NO.2/1-A, YILDIRIM, BURSA
  • wood veneer, coating, wood coating
    Telephone: (90)(380) 514 10 06 Address: HACIATIFLAR KÖYÜ E-5 ÜZERI
  • deck flooring, laminated wood parquet, lumber, solid wood flooring, solid wood parquet, timber, wood and wooden products, wood coatings, wood parquet, wood products, wood veneer, wooden deck, wooden flooring, wooden parquet, wooden parquet flooring, wooden products, wooden wall cladding, wooden wall coverings
    Parkett is a "wood" company active in design, supply and installation of all types of wooden products of buildings with more than 20 years of experience. The company operates in a
    Telephone: +90 212 280 93 50 Address: Sulun Sok., No: 11, Istanbul, Levent, Turkey
  • wooden panelling, wainscot, veneer
    Telephone: (90)(312) 349 06 50 Address: EREĞLİ CAD. 63/1 SİTELER ALTINDAĞ
  • wooden door, mdf pvc door, veneer wooden door, solid wood door, interior door
    Haibo Doors is professional producing Wooden Doors, MDF PVC Doors, Interior Doors for many years. with ISO and CE certificated. You can get high quality Doors, and competitive
    Telephone: 0086-15268065988 Address: No. 10, Jinfeng Road, Hecun Town, Jiangshan, Zhejiang province, China
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