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  • insulated glazing, igu units, architectural glass, glass, double glazing, safety & security glass, safety glass, security glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, glass sheets, lacquered glass, bullet proof, Grooving, Sandblasting, Beveling, Enamel Printing, Low E Glass, Solar Low E Glass, Solar Panel Glass, patterned glass, painted glass, curtain walls, facade, Glass for Photovoltaics, Glass for Solar Thermal Collector, toughened glass, low iron glass, Tinted Float Glass, Clear Float Glass, Temperable Solar Low-E, Ultra-Clear, Heat Strengthened, Bulletproof
    Sar Cam is an architectural glass manufacturing company. Our company was founded in 1996 and started its business life as Sar Cam. The company has acquired its reputation by
    Telephone: +90 262 349 23 14 Address: Karadenizliler Mh., Barbaros Cd., No:6, Başiskele, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, toughened glass, double glazing, clear float glass, extra clear low iron glass, noise control glass, coated solar control glass, decorative patterned glass, standart insulating glass unit, heat and solar control glass low-e coated glass, enamelled toughened glass, mirror, safety mirror, laminated safety and security glass
    ANTCAM Inc. was founded in 1990 in Antalya with the purpose of whole selling glass and mirror. The company was transformed into a leading organization not only in Mediterranean
    Telephone: +902423402037 Address: Antalya Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 2.Etap, 21. Cadde, No.18 Döşemealtı 07190 Antalya / Turkey
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